Sunday, August 16, 2009


FJORG! Computer Animation Competition was a ridiculously fun experience. I appreciate the experience of competing and have shared it with friends/teammates "BUTTER" Brendan Carroll and "JELLY" James Lee - rising Seniors at Ringling College of Art + Design Computer Animation Major. Along with Computer Animation Ringling Alumni Team Stepped Children (Jae Park, Dan Lane, & Ryan Fernan), Team Sparkle Kittens (Gianna Ruggiero, Alejandra Quintas, & Kent Mudle), and Team Briar Roses (Kristin Palach, Dawn Rivers, & Michelle Radzinski.)

To get a glimpse of what went down at this year's SIGGRAPH FJORG! peep the mini-documentary below filmed and editted by Michael Shu and Anthony Vu.

SIGGRAPH 2009 FJORG! Competition in New Orleans, LA from Alumiq Productions on Vimeo.

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